Creating Possibilities

Our journey to create your home involves a number of phases. Each phase is an important building block in creating a blueprint for your home.

The Pre-Design phase starts off with gathering information and creating a vision. This includes comprehensive discussions with our team to understand your goals and wishes. We analyze your building site for constraints and opportunities such as grading, capturing views, sun exposure, and wind patterns. We also review local bylaws. These elements play a large role in maximizing your investment and determining any potential hurdles that can be encountered during construction or the future enjoyment of your home. 

From here we move into Conceptual Design phase. We design the floor plans and front elevation, with a lot of back and forth with you; to make sure all aspects of the design are exactly what you want. The plans are then revised and refined until your vision is achieved. This stage is extremely important, as it lays the groundwork for everything that is to come. This is also the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective time to make changes. This process should take time to evaluate amongst yourselves, friends and family. This is one of the largest investments a person can make, so think about the cost of getting something wrong at the start.

Once you approve the conceptual design we move into creating the construction drawings phase. Our final phase is the intensive process of executing the remaining elevations, sections, and plans. This is where all the details are added in. Upon completion, we go through a comprehensive quality control review process to ensure accuracy. This leads to a set of plans that can be used for pricing, permits, engineering, and construction. The importance of a detailed and accurate set of plans cannot be understated. So many services and trades rely on this document to provide their own documentation and quotes. Incomplete plans mean that other people need to ask lots of questions or worse, they start to guess at things, and in the end it is you who ends up paying for it.

We design homes worth living in.

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