Furniture Symbols

Please feel free to click on one of the following images that corresponds to the scaling of your plan. When printed on standard letter size paper (8.5″ x 11″) the furniture symbols enclosed can be cut out and used to scale with your plan. The grid on the bottom of each page can be used to draw your own custom furniture if what you are looking for is not in the package (1 grid square = 1′-0″).

Client Wish List Document

This client wish list has been compiled to help you determine some design requirements prior to your first meeting with the designer. In order to help us out, please print and fill out as many sections of this form as possible. Each section will be discussed in detail at the first meeting.

From The Ground Up – A Step by Step Guide to Custom Home Design

We all do our homework before making any big purchases. For example when buying a vehicle, we ask our friends & family their opinions and we may do some research but do we ever get to speak directly to the designers & engineers? Yet we spend thousands on a car but don’t have all the answers. Now picture yourself building a home. There are a hundred more features and decisions in regards to designing a house and it’s a great deal more money. Yet, there are few places people can turn to find solid advice to understand this process and the decisions they will face.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions…
  • How do I evaluate building sites?
  • How do I select a qualified designer & builder?
  • What design styles work for me & my family?
  • Will my home still meet my needs 10 years from now?
  • How do control my budget & avoid any problems?
  • What technology & energy saving features are available?
  • What options are available in each feature for a home?

How many times have you heard:
“If we knew it would look like this, we would have changed it.”

Our design guide provides you with expert, unbiased advice that can save you thousands of dollars. Arming yourself with information on every feature of a great home will save you the headaches and costly errors down the road, allowing you to make decisions confidently.

Become aware of the technology in the home design industry. For many clients, the 3-dimensional renderings are an invaluable tool during the design process for their home. Having the capability to render your home from any angle, interior and exterior, with an endless array of colors and finishes, you can be sure that your design is exactly what you expected.

Energy conservation can come in many forms, including; energy efficient appliances, improved forms of insulation & construction techniques, and energy efficient materials, just to name a few. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace, it proves very valuable to understand what methods are available and their advantages & drawbacks.

There are as many different ceiling styles as there are imaginations in the world, therefore, it is the responsibility of the designer to inform the client of what will work in the space & to ensure it is comfortable & appealing and compliments the overall feel & look of the home.

One of the most important and recognizable features of a home is the roof. The roof design can be used to highlight certain areas of a home or minimize the impact on its surroundings. There are many complex features to a roof, this section will help you understand those concepts making you comfortable with your decisions.

There are countless features that create the first impression people get as to the taste and style of the interior of a home. Windows, Doors & Staircases are available in various styles and can be constructed of many different materials. As with most design elements, there is a tremendous variety and a good designer will take special consideration as to what the basic needs are of the space and what the impact of that feature will be.

Each client has their own individual tastes with respect to likes and dislikes. Therefore, designers and architects are frequently combining many different styles to achieve a house that the client is happy with.

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Receive a $500 Design Credit to get you started.

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