What Services do we provide?

We are able to provide services in residential design and some small scale commercial space design. We also offer services in interior design.

what sets our firm apart?

Many firms can draft. Fewer firms can design. We try to strike the proper balance of each, keeping in mind the home we are designing is for you, not our portfolio.

We like to educate our clients on design and construction. We aren’t afraid to have long conversations explaining pros and cons or delving deep into our design.

How much do you charge?

This will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project. To get the most accurate quote, we suggest calling in to our office and either booking a phone consultation, or an in person meeting. During this meeting we will be able to go over all the details and assess your expectations for us during the design process and be able to provide you with a quote based on the services you require. 

If we are adding services, there are costs associated. These are always discussed prior to any work being completed. Additional fees, such as 3Ds, are based on complexity and the estimated time for us to execute.

If you wish to pursue Interior Design services, we encourage this at the beginning of the process. It is a part of the collaborative effort, and reduces any changes later on.

Revisions to our final completed drawings are charged hourly. We strongly encourage that these design decisions are made during the preliminary phase, and that is why we emphasize it so heavily. As you get further into the process, revisions generally take longer and are more complicated.

There are going to be a few details that will need to be adjusted as you get into the selection and pricing stage; we do not generally charge for those hours unless they are structural. If changes need to be made, we encourage them to be done before construction is underway. It is easier and more cost effective to change something with a pencil, than a sledgehammer on site or renovate after your home is built.

How long will the process take?

How long do you think it would take you to run a marathon? Everyone will have a slightly different answer, this is the same for design. How long it will take can vary greatly depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the project and the efficiency in communication between the designer and yourself. Every design and experience is unique to the client and their needs. If you are the type of person who likes to see many different options and needs time to ponder the design then things will take a little longer. Design is never a straight line and we value the collaboration process and generating options; this provides the best design outcome for you, but it does take time.

What information do you need to provide us?

As much information about you and your wishes for your home that you would like to divulge. We want your home to work for you. The best way to get to know more about you and your future home, is to sit down and have a meeting. If you have sketches, photos, and wish lists we encourage you to bring that along. Pictures are the easiest way to portray information, and we rely on it as our design language may be a bit different than yours. Houzz and Pinterest are great resources for creating idea boards to share with our design team.

When can I start my project?

it’s best to call in and discuss the current timeline for project starts, as it can vary greatly based on how many projects we are currently working on.

Portfolio of Similar Projects & Client References

Absolutely, we can provide you with a list of references; this is an important part people should do more. We also have many other projects not seen on the website that we would love to share with you. If you are interested in seeing more of what we do please call and book a meeting to come in and chat with us. For the safety and confidentiality of our clients we will not share plans with anyone over email.

Who will you be working with from our firm?

Everyone in our office has a unique set of skills. We pair everyone with a designer we believe you would work best with, offering a consistent and reliable point of contact. They will be the person executing the design and drafting of your home.  But it is a collaborative effort and all the best outcomes come with a team of designers and specialists.

How can I pay my deposit or final balance? 

You can submit your payments through an e-transfer to You can call in your credit card information to 780-470-0776 or you can mail a cheque to Boss Design, Unit 103, 15 Carleton Drive, St. Albert. T8N 7K9. Please note, there is a 1.7% service charge that will be applied to all final invoices paid by credit card.