Home's Worth Living In

Boss Design offers a comprehensive approach to luxury interior design, focusing on creativity, attention to
detail, and client satisfaction. Our services cover every aspect of the design process, from concept
development to final installation, ensuring that each project is executed to the highest standard.

Priding ourselves on being talented, friendly, and approachable; we are committed to delivering the best
design solutions for various projects, including primary residences, vacation homes, garage suites & major
renovation environments. Our approach involves understanding clients’ needs and preferences to create
personalized and exceptional interiors.

This service emphasizes the importance of attention to detail in interior design. We acknowledge that while
designing a space may seem straightforward at first, it’s the small details that truly define a great design.
We offer guidance through every step of the process, from color and material selections to the final
finishing touches, ensuring that clients feel fully supported and confident in achieving their dream interiors.

Furniture & Styling

Boss Design offers furniture and styling services as an extension of our full-service interior design offerings. We work closely with clients to understand their furnishing style, comfort preferences, and quality requirements. From sourcing specific fabrics, drapery, and furniture to providing quotes based on custom selections, we handle every aspect of the furnishing process. Clients receive regular updates, and pieces are stored until ready for installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Portfolio Exploration

With a portfolio showcasing a wide range of projects across Canada, Boss Design demonstrates a deep
understanding of global inspiration and design trends. Our designers and procurement team work
hand-in-hand to provide turnkey solutions, leading to success for builders, agents, and repeat private clients

We design homes worth living in.

Let Boss Design show you your worth