Home's Worth Living In

Our Interior Design team will help you create spaces in your home that have personality and carry together a level of detail that sets your home apart from basic spec homes. Each space is meticulously detailed while keeping budget, function, and overall design in mind. Both our residential and interior design teams will work hand in hand to ensure that your vision is not only executed with the selections and materials but with the overall structure of your space. 

Pulling together a complete design package can seem simple at the start but a great design is defined by the details. From colour and material selections that work with your budget and lifestyle, to the often-overlooked smaller details that truly complete a room; we will guide you through each and every one with information tailored to your project. By the end of our work with you, you will have everything in hand to take to a builder or a trade for a complete and detailed quote with every aspect considered. 

Our team has been working with both families, as well as builders looking to create their own identity and brand. Although most builders are looking to build a widely appealing project, they are also looking to stand apart from the crowd. We pride ourselves in creating that narrative for our builder clients and our individual clientele taking that extra time to give every single project that certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’.

We design homes worth living in.

Let Boss Design show you your worth