Residential Design

From the ground up, every detail matters. Before we start putting pen to paper, we want to fully understand our clients and their needs to help us conceptualize a home they’d be proud to build their family memories in. This service is broken into a few phases that help our clients easily navigate this exciting experience. Starting with the Pre-Design phase we gather information that allows us to move into Conceptual Design phase. Here we create floor plans and the exterior look. In the Final Design phase, we take those completed conceptual concepts and turn them into Construction Drawings for building, permits, engineering, etc.

Interior Design

We, at Boss Design, have experience in designing everything from the ornate details found within a traditional home to the clean and deliberate lines of modern design.
To design a beautiful, consciously crafted home is all in the details and those details are what set us apart. Our Interior Design team is involved with the Architectural detailing and material selections of your exterior to ensure cohesion between all elements of your home.

3-D Renderings

Boss modelling technology brings blueprints to life through high-quality 3D renderings and visualization. We can conceptualize your new home inside and out, from any angle. If you aren’t sure if you like red or blue siding better, or if you think you will like brick more than stone, why not get that peace of mind with a rendering before spending that money on something that is very difficult and costly to change after it is installed. Exact colours, textures, and materials can be applied to your home to match your unique style.


We design homes worth living in.

Let Boss Design show you your worth