Detailed Design and Estimation (Value Engineering)

Whether the project design is fully completed or still in the conceptual design stage, discussing pricing with the various design options is a huge opportunity. Even from the initial stages of design, operating with even a rough estimate of what things could cost allows us to design a house that is affordable with your budget. We do this by comprehensively breaking down the costs of each individual task related to the construction project and developing a total budget.
These costs can include but are not limited to:

  • Costs to bring new services onto the property
  • Costs to demolish the existing structure or to carefully demolish the certain parts of the structure for an addition or renovation
  • Disposal costs
  • Permit, and development fees
  • Rezoning or costs to subdivide the land
  • Project managment costs
  • New Home Warranty costs
  • Legal expenses
  • Engineering
  • Bank/Appraisal
  • Surveying
  • Interior design
  • Seasonal costs of building
Boss Design offers two different phases of project estimating.

After the final working drawings have been completed and issued for construction, the detailed design and estimation phase can begin. The design and estimation phase brings clarity and certainty to the entire project and is focused around a value engineering approach. Value engineering is a systematic and organised process for maximising of the projects value and function at the lowest possible cost. The optimum balance between design, performance, quality safety and cost results in successful projects that are on budget and on schedule. This phase includes collecting hard quotes for all trades and suppliers involved with the project. It involves creating very detailed scopes of work for the job as a whole and for all of the various trades and suppliers related to the project, identifying any potential problems or risks and addressing them before construction. Typically coordination with an interior designer happens to help select materials and finishes and assemble the entire finishing budget. Also included is the completion of the various engineering phases, building/development permits and new home warranty applications. This is all delivered to you in an organised package, with all of the costs for the project clearly and transparently indicated to you.

You have access to every quote, scope of work, and subcontractor agreement for every person or company related to your project via our online software as well as a proposed schedule for all of the stages of the project. With this step complete, the risk has been almost entirely removed from the project and you will know if the project is right for you. At the end of this phase the next step is to move into the construction of the house although here is no obligation to proceed ahead into the next stage of the project.

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