Boss Design and NAIT

Boss Design is once again partnering with the NAIT Architectural Technology program, awarding the students with the highest academic achievement in Residential Construction & Design with the Boss Design Scholarship. Since its inception is 2016, this scholarship has been able to assist many students.

As a design firm, 10 out of the current 11 designers working at Boss Design are NAIT Alumni themselves. When Jeremy and Brett were NAIT students, there was not much course content devoted to residential design work. We know the value and expertise NAIT offers, and seeing that there was a gap, they wanted to find a way to foster the growth and knowledge of all Architectural Technology students to follow.

Every year, Jeremy and Brett make a presentation to current Architectural Technology and Interior Design students. Weโ€™re always excited to share the calibre of work Boss Design has to offer its clientele, as well as give up and coming designers the opportunity to envision what they are capable of.

Boss Design continues to be a huge asset to the Residential Design elective course, and we are proud to partner with NAIT and its instructors.

Best of luck to all current NAIT students, and to all future students looking to enter into the field of Architectural Design!