Meet Our Team!

Jeremy Walter

Jeremy is the principle designer & founder of Boss Design Ltd in 2006. His enthusiasm and attention to detail has created him a vast project & client portfolio, and has given him great credibility within the design & builder community. With Boss Design Ltd being built solely on referrals, he prides himself on the high quality of designs & customer service Boss Design provides. His idea of home design, “There are no gimmicks, sales pitches or cheap discounts here… We have built ourselves solely on referrals because of our quality of work, our integrity & our passion to design a home you are proud of. Nothing leaves this office that isn’t something I would design & build for my family.”

Fun Fact

Jeremy is a true modern day nerd and proud of it. An avid Edmonton Oilers fan, we are sure he bleeds Blue & Orange. Escaping on the weekends, you can try to find him on a secluded backcountry river Fly Fishing or on the golf course. Always ready to wager a bet & have a good laugh with his friends, you can hear him talk smack with the boys from a mile away.

Amanda Walter

Amanda became involved with Boss Design in 2008 when she fell for the Boss Man, Star Wars obsession and all, taking a place at his side as his wife. She officially took role of Office Manager & jack of all trades as far as running an office goes. Amanda is like momma-bear to the staff, keeping them armed with Coffee, Flowers & any vices they may need, like Chocolate! Bringing to the table a countless amount of administrative skills, Amanda has worked in a variety of avenues related to Administration & Office management. From Healthcare to Financial Literacy, she has seen it all. Her personality and high energy always make for an entertaining day.

Fun Fact

Amanda isn’t afraid to get dirty. You can find her always digging around in her garden and playing with the boys. She’s like an ANT, can carry much more than thought possible. Since meeting Jeremy, she has got back into skiing – chasing powder in the mountains, and let me tell you – she makes the sport look good!

Brett Johnson

Brett has been a familiar face to Boss Design since he met Jeremy in 2003, classmates at NAIT and close friends ever since. Right from the early years, Brett had a passion for building & design. The trend continued throughout high school & into college, often spending his spare time sketching plans & new ideas. After graduating from the Architectural Technology program, with Honours and Scholarship distinction, Brett has been a force to be reckoned with over the last decade. Designing every home type, size & style, Brett is extremely meticulous and has a keen eye for detail. His designs are nothing short of impressive, with particular attention to the flow and relationships of rooms within a house while maintaining a good balance with exterior details. Every home is approached with the same Passion & consideration as he would design in his own home; creating a space clients will love and enjoy.

Fun Fact

Brett likes driving, and driving fast. Even if it is just to get lunch, he is always the first to volunteer to drive. On a trip to Vegas, he was treated to race some very fast and exotic cars; what a blast! But it’s not just cars he enjoys driving. Every year he looks forward to heading out to the lake to speed around on the Seadoos and boats too. Like Jeremy, Brett also bleeds copper and blue; rarely missing out on an opportunity to watch the game. Go Oil!

Candace Hibbert

Candace joined Boss Design Ltd. in 2010. Her creativity, and passion for design, initially led her to enroll in the Architectural Technologist program at NAIT. She completed her diploma in 2006 on the Dean’s Honour Roll, and was also recognized for her academic achievement by the National Association of Women in Construction.

Candace was introduced to the residential design industry after graduation and has worked in it ever since. The industry not only allows her the opportunity to be creative and meticulous, but also to be analytical in her way of thinking.

Fun Fact

In the summer (her favorite season), Candace loves to spend time at her family’s cottage in Saskatchewan. But it isn’t the fishing, wakeboarding, or knee boarding she looks forwards to most; it’s finishing the new jigsaw puzzle that is set out each year. No puzzle is too challenging for her, and she has yet to find one that she can’t complete. Most recently, she completed a 1500 piece puzzle in 6 days; working on it randomly throughout the day.

Chayna Gordon

Searching for a career path that combines both creativity and critical thinking, Chayna enrolled in the Interior Design Technology program at NAIT. Although she was initially drawn to the commercial side of the industry, she found her first job in residential. Intrigued, she wanted to expand her knowledge on the construction process and understanding the shell of a building, as well as the interior. She returned to NAIT to take the Architectural Technology Program. This knowledge has resulted in the optimal ability to deliver a design that is not only stunning, but functional in all aspects of daily life. She joined the Boss Design team in June 2017.

Fun Fact

In her spare time, Chayna loves to dance. Her adolescent years were spent playing soccer and running track, but after discovering dance in her early 20’s, she hasn’t looked back. She fell in love with the styles that focus on Gymnastics and acrobatics.

Claudia Garcia

Hola, Claudia comenzó a diseñar a la temprana edad de los…. Oh wait sorry….
Claudia was welcomed into Boss Design in 2011. An artist from the start, her parents encouraged her imagination and talent to grow always having paper and pencils close at hand. Enrolling in many design and art classes in school, one teacher in particular helped her find her true passion in home design. This propelled her to the Architectural Technology program at NAIT, graduating in 2008.

After graduation she dipped her toes into the commercial field before making herself home at Boss Design. Here she has finally made her passion into a solid career.

Fun Fact

Claudia has a serious obsession with Batman. Just take a look at her desk, stapler, coffee cup, you name it. Bruce Wayne would be so proud. Along with a fabulous Spanish accent, her personality is infectious, always having a witty comeback to any given comment. Armed with a margarita always in hand, this Chilean beauty is a barrel of laughs.

Darby Garside

Early on, Darby was convinced she wanted to be an interior designer. At 15 she sewed her first quilt, bought new bedroom furniture and decorations, picking paint colours to match. This was her first glimpse into how fun home design can be. During her search for a suitable interior design program, she found the Architectural Technology program at NAIT. With a little family encouragement, she enrolled, and to this day considers the move to Edmonton to attend NAIT one of the best decisions she’s made. For Darby, home design came naturally. After graduating in 2015, and gaining experience in the commercial industry, she was ready to pursue her dream of Residential Home Design and joined the Boss Team in August 2017.

Fun Fact

When she’s not in the kitchen trying new recipes, and praying for the dish fairies to come, you’ll find Darby curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, good book, and her signature cup of hot chocolate. Recently married, she finds there is less “me time” than there used to be, but will gladly share her hot chocolate and comfy couch.

Haley Cree-Fischer

A small-town girl, with big city ambitions; Haley found herself and a career with Boss Design in June of 2018. After graduating from Norquest College with her Administrative Professional Certificate, she made the move to Edmonton. Searching for a family owned business, a must in her books, and an industry with room to grow; Haley kick started her career as our Administrative Assistant!

Fun Fact

When she’s not adventuring through the wilderness with her pooch Capone, you’ll find Haley is mastering the art of DIY’s and refurbishing antiques. Picking up this hobby from her mother, you can always find her working on a project. Her favourite to date is an old chest her mother helped her revamp.

Kathleen Nicoll

When everyone was pondering what they wanted to be when they grew up, Kathleen already knew. Her infatuation with home design began as a child. She would pour over design magazines admiring architecture and houses. By 15, her father recognized her passion, and gave her the opportunity to design their family acreage home. Thus, paving her path for a career in the Architectural Design industry.

Since graduating from NAIT’s Architectural Technology program in 2008, she has continued to follow her ambitions, exploring her passion in both the Interior & Residential Design industry; leading her to join the Boss Design team in April 2018.

Fun Fact

An avid outdoors woman, Kathleen has a gambit of adventures under her belt. One of her favourites to date, being in 2011 after getting her scuba certification, she was able to dive with sea turtles (her favourite animal) and get up close and personal with one. While it was only a few minutes, she could have swam along with it for hours.

Kevin Dobie

Kevin first gained interest in architecture due to a combination of his father working in the home improvement industry, and his uncle working as a commercial technologist. While he initially believed that he would be headed towards a career in the commercial industry, during his time at NAIT Kevin fell in love with residential design and hasn’t looked back since. He graduated from the Architectural Technology program in 2014 with honours and joined the Boss Design team in May 2014.

Fun Fact

Kevin started playing bass in a punk band in December 2013, unfortunately he can’t grow a mohawk! He also is a huge sports buff & watches almost every sport imaginable. He is true to the City of Champions; a diehard fan of all Edmonton teams.

Laura Maloff

Laura grew up working alongside her father and three older brothers, developing an appreciation for family owned businesses, hard work and innovation. With previous experience in the design field, a keen sense of organization, and passion for everything creative, Laura knew she wanted to gravitate toward an industry that could challenge her skillset thus joining the Boss Design team in June 2017.

Fun Fact

Laura is passionate about photography and creative writing. It’s rare to catch her without a camera in hand, or without a book full of notes preparing to write her next piece. Laura recently went on a dream trip to Cambodia which allowed her the opportunity to be part of a volunteer team to build classrooms for children and work with elephants at a rescue sanctuary, from which she returned with a full journal and over 1500 pictures. An experience of a lifetime!

Lindsey Seth-Perreault

For a woman whose initial aspirations were Law School or Social Work, Lindsey took a turn when she started working for a mechanical company based out of Sylvan Lake. Working directly with builders and homeowners designing kitchens and bathrooms, this led her to discover she loved the art of home design and building.

After attending RDC, she furthered her experience in the industry. Falling for both Architectural and Interior Design, she decided to attend the University of Alberta for Interior Design. Since graduating, she has worked with large scale renovation companies, luxury infill builders, and lottery homes. Armed with over 10 years of experience, Lindsey joined the Boss Design team in November of 2018.

Fun Fact

Lindsey is an all around sports fanatic. She’s tried highland dancing, ringette, hockey, baseball, and golf just to name a few. She even played on a women’s football team that won nationals several times. During the summer you can find her at the lake wake surfing, wakeboarding, hiking, or fishing. In the winter she’ll be skating on the outdoor rink, or in the mountains skiing.

Michelle Wiese

Surrounded by family with ties to residential construction, Michelle knew from a young age that architecture was the career meant for her—solidified even further when her father built their new family home. It struck the perfect balance between her passion for design and desire for a challenge, which led her to enroll in the Architectural Technology program at NAIT. Success followed her through her studies, graduating in 2011 with honors and as winner of the inaugural CWB design competition. After working in the industry for a few years, Michelle joined the Boss Design team in November 2014.

Fun Fact

Michelle has an assortment of interests, but none perhaps greater than her love of travel. Near or far doesn’t matter—she enjoys getting away to the outdoors for a weekend just as much as flying across an ocean. Having already been on a fair share of trips across the globe since an early age, her ultimate goal is to eventually visit all the landmarks, cities and countries on her list. When she isn’t a permanent fixture at the farmers market, you’re guaranteed to find Michelle engrossed in her latest project or lazing in a hammock with a book in hand.

Ray Egan

Initially graduating from Red Deer College in the Bachelor of Commerce program, Raymond found that he’d rather pursue a career that allows for more creativity. He turned to the Architectural Design program at NAIT where he graduated in 2016. While attending NAIT, he learned about the history and different styles of architecture as well as the philosophies behind a good design, this helped grow his interest in the residential design industry. Finding a home at BOSS Design in early 2017 was a dream come true and the wide variety of customers and home designs provide exciting learning experiences daily.

Fun Fact

Raymond can often be found riding the trails all around Edmonton on his skateboard, taking in the beautiful river valley. When not in the city enjoying the trails, Ray can be found in the mountains relaxing on his favourite hammock in the trees.

Stuart Campbell

Stuart’s interest in Architecture started at a young age; always showing his parents designs that he found interesting & dreamed of creating one day. The vast creative aspects of home design are what drove him to pursue a career in Architectural Design. After a short, but successful, career in the golf business, Stuart decided to enroll in the Architectural Technologist program at Edmonton’s Digital School -Technical Design College in 2013. After receiving his diploma, his goal was to be a part of the home building industry. Stuart joined the Boss Design team in March 2014.

Fun Fact

Although he is an all-around sports fan, Stuart’s favorite sport, by far, is Golf. Stuart started golfing at just 2 years old and turned Pro in 2011. After 3 years in the CPGA, Stuart retired from Professional Golf. He can now be found spending his summers on the golf course, cracking jokes for the ladies, or cruising in his Mustang.

Cooper – Intern #1

This girl needs no introductions; she’ll make her presence known by meeting you at the door with a big smile and a wagging tail that just won’t quit. Cooper is the comic relief in the office, always coming over to say hi or cuddles around your chair. She provides us all with a cozy place to put our feet on a chilly day.

Cooper comes to us with much experience in her listening skills, you can talk her ear off all day and she is always willing to give you a kiss to make things all better. You can usually find her stretched out in the sun in the middle of a good snooze!

Fun Fact

Cooper knows a few tricks and will perform them flawlessly. She also has a stash of doggie treats available if you want to see her performance.

Reese – Intern #2

Like a bounding deer, Reese scoots into a room with tonnes of energy. This cute girl loves to play and is always smiling. Her endless amount of energy makes everyone smile and lightens up the day.

Reese provides the office with the personality of a court jester, constantly entertaining and making us laugh.

Fun Fact

Reese is such a smart girl & the queen of potty training. She learnt how to open the doors of her house and has been letting herself in and out for a potty break or just to hang out baking in the sunshine. Sometimes Mom and Dad wake up in the morning and Reese is already outside seizing the day!

Boss Design is seeking highly motivated, enthusiastic, and positive individuals!

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