Drafting Services

Drafting Service

If you already have a plan, or have had a conceptual design done by us, our drafting service will provide the drawings you need to get permits and construct the home (working drawings). A typical completed set of working drawings will consist of 5-10 sheets of the following;

Exterior elevations – Elevations will be produced of all four sides of the home showing all exterior finishes, window and door details, lot grading, deck locations, etc.  Additional elevations and details may be required on a per plan basis.

Floor plans – The conceptual plans you started off with, now get all of the final detail added into the drawings.  The floor plans will go through a comprehensive structural analysis.  Any unusual conditions will be specifically noted or referred on to a structural engineer for further analysis.  The locations of all elements such as; windows, doors, walls, cabinetry, ceiling details and staircases, will be precisely determined.  Interior elevation details of elements such as arches and fireplaces may be produced on a per plan basis or at the direction of our client.

Foundation plan – This drawing will be produced in addition to any basement development plans to specifically note all foundation walls, beam locations, telepost pads, plumbing rough-ins, and foundation steps in one simple and easy to read drawing.

Cross sections – These drawings are intended to show the specific heights and construction of walls, foundations, floors and roof.  Multiple sections may be required to fully illustrate the construction of the home.

Roof plan – For complex roof designs especially, a well laid out roof plan will address all roof pitches, overhang depths, fascia sizes and drainage solutions for any valleys in the roof layout.

Building specifications – The specifications are a comprehensive list of all the various materials and standards that the home will be constructed with.  Clients can request specific items in their specification or choose a standard set of construction specifications.

Lighting and electrical plans – These optional plans show locations of all the lights, switches and outlets for the interior and exterior of the home.

Click on the images below to see a sample
of a complete working set of drawings.

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