Construction Management

Project Construction Management

If you are happy with the budget, schedule and design the next step is to move forward with construction. With the design, estimation and value engineering stage already complete construction can start within a few days. The project will be managed by qualified and professional project managers along with our preferred trades and suppliers. The team approach to constructing the project is something that we take a great deal or pride in and is fundamental to a successful construction project.

The same people who guided you through the design and estimation phase will guide you through the construction until the keys are handed to you at the end of the project. There are no complicated levels of management for various stages of the construction. Just you and an experienced project manager. Building a custom home or doing a custom renovation project is very personal and one of the largest investments our clients are likely to make. And it’s your project not ours, we are guests on your property during the duration of the construction. As detailed as our process is, it remains extremely flexible throughout the construction. If there is something you would like change, or new ideas for elements of the project, there are no penalites to change. There are no “change order” fees which penalise you for making the change. The changes to the project make cost you more money or less money depending on what was agreed upon prior to construction. If it works for your budget and you are ok with any potential delays with scheduling we will accommodate any change.

The Design – Build

The most successful and award winning projects are the perfect blend of great design and exceptional project management. Over the years we have been fortunate to be recognised for our efforts with some award winning projects. All of these projects were designed from the ground up to maximise the best value for our clients while delivering an extraordinary finished product.

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