Built for Success – Choosing an Architectural Designer to Create Your Dream Home

Built for Success – Choosing an Architectural Designer to Create Your Dream Home

Home Designing and building a home can be one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. The world of home design can be difficult to navigate and seem overwhelming at times. That’s why choosing a knowledgeable designer is key. At Boss Design, designing dream homes is all about the details. It takes commitment to the whole project, not just to one portion of the work.

It’s this philosophy that founder and principal designer, Jeremy Walter, has followed since the beginning.

Walter attended Architectural Technology at NAIT and then went on to work at an architectural firm. However, Walter soon realized that commercial and industrial design wasn’t the path he wanted to take. Home is where the heart is. Walter joined a local boutique homebuilder and found his calling in residential design.

For more than a decade, Walter and his team have been working with clients to make their dream homes a reality.

“We have built ourselves solely on referrals because of our quality of work, our integrity and our passion to design a home clients are proud of. Nothing leaves this office that isn’t something I would design and build for my family,” says Walter.

Walter adds that there’s a lot of emotion involved in designing a home for someone. No project is the same and that’s always exciting. Boss Design offers everything from design, drafting and 3D renderings to construction management, value engineering and marketing materials.

What sets Boss Design apart?

Walter and most of his senior staff have all designed their homes and continue to enjoy living in them today.

“A home designer should have knowledge of the market, attention to detail and proven expertise in their field. Every foot of development in a design directly affects the overall cost to build a home. One mistake can cost thousands of dollars, but taking the time to plan can also save thousands of dollars,” says Walter.

Walter and his team have a proven track record of success in home design, and recently took home the CHBA Edmonton award in the Provides Service to a Builder category. Boss has also shared awards with local builders who have won local, provincial and national awards for the projects Boss has designed.

3D technology for home design

The ability to see every aspect of a home before its built is a fundamental step. Boss Design was one of the early adopters of this industry game changer. The technology gives designers the ability to 3D render any house, on any angle, at any time of the day. Designers can create renderings of the inside and outside of a home with the exact finishes, before the home has even started to be built. This creates a clear vision for clients.

With technology comes great responsibility Many people can draw a house plan on paper, but this technology can showcase the smallest details in a home. And its these details that can be the most important. What some clients may like on paper, they don’t like once they see a rendering. With this 3D technology, changes can be made to a plan quickly, and new concepts and ideas can be fully explored.

Designing for success

Whether you have decided to design and build your first home, or the retirement home you’ve always wanted, Boss Design can guide you from start to finish.

“It’s our responsibility to ensure our clients have the information they need to complete the design and construction of their dream home,” adds Walter. “We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on designing a home you can be proud of.”

Search through hundreds of stock home plans today to get started.

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