Rendered in 3-D

3-D Renderings

Boss design has made a significant investment into technology and human resources, which allow us to create 3D digital renderings for our clients projects. This technology can be applied in a number of ways to conceptualize elements of a design project. For many of our clients, the 3D rendering process has become the most valuable tool we can offer them. We have the capability to render the home from any angle, interior and exterior, in still picture form or 360 degree movie mode. Exact colors and material can be applied to these models to give our clients the most true life impression possible.

Our goal with the rendering process is to be as transparent as possible, to give our clients an exact idea of what the finished product will look like. The value of these renderings cannot be understated. Have you ever spoken with someone who just moved into their brand new home? Did they ever mention “we didn’t think it was going to look this way” or “if we would have known we could have changed it”? We hear these stories every day. The worst part is that a small investment during the design stage may have avoided this all together.

Helping you answer those questions will give our designers what they need to begin designing your home! Our pre-design meetings are also a way for you to get to know us and our process. We want to answer any questions and give you a glimpse into how we work to create your dream home. We look forward to meeting with you, getting to know you, and designing for you.

Exterior Renderings

The highest quality photorealistic renderings with accurate materials, colors and site depictions

Interior Renderings

Visualizations of the home from the inside with accurate materials, colors and lighting

Base Modelling

A 3d rendering of the home in grey or white scale useful for a basic study of design elements

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